Deeper Exploration is a blog started by Pal Arjan Dev Singh in the year 2017. Having gone through a spiritual awakening in his personal life since 2010 and seen transformation, he now writes elaborately on topics that concern human development and elements that are worth pondering. He grew up in a narcissistic family and as such, seeing the inadequacies there had him question things and seek for broader perspectives. This allowed spirituality to come into his life.

The spiritual awakening that he experienced was more of a spiritual emergence as the term is coined and comes with its profound experiences. Many are not familiar with such experiences and he found it tough navigating his way. Nevertheless it led to a death and journey, as well as connecting with other like-minded individuals and groups and people who’ve gone through similar experiences, and they are now part of his acquaintances.

This site is his brainchild and takes a look at different aspects of the human development sphere as well as universal topics in order to shed light on what’s not spoken much about in the mainstream but nevertheless touches what’s essential for us to understand ever more.

Arjan, as he is well know, is a friendly personality with a good demeanor, and loves writing, educating as well as providing consultations and counselling in areas of growth and self development.

He is constantly looking for connections with those who would like to collaborate and create a better future and those on the conscious journey. Arjan makes it key to encourage and support those going through similar journeys as he has and is always there to lend a helping hand.

It is his hope that his writing and efforts can help a large number of people in awakening to their true selves and becoming who they really are. Creating a more realized community.

Arjan is always willing to get to know those who resonate with his work and want to contribute together.  Here are means to get in touch:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pal.arjan
email: pal.arjan@gmail.com