AI: Artificial Intelligence – A newfound development or just another transient fad?

With growing emphasis on developing, learning and intelligence, not only for the human but also the gadgets and technology that we use, we constantly move our selves towards new terrains. One that has come to being now is AI or Artificial Intelligence. In which we can have computers and devices and softwares to do their own thinking and perceiving in order to simulate what is already natural human intelligence and take it one step further.

There is a benefit in Artificial Intelligence technology and it’s applications, in which it can improve and simplify human life. With this type of an advanced technology, our devices, cars and machines can work effectively – with lesser human input. At the same time also, the way of scouting for information or choosing entertainment and topics to discover can be made easier by suggestions through AI technology. There are also aspects of advertising and commerce based data to then reach out to the consumers, which can be better streamlined. Not forgetting the reasearch and analytics capabilities of AI that can assist scientists and engineers.

Yet, the question still remains, is Artificial Intelligence a course of taking us into the future, or is it just one of those things like the Radio, the Television, the Compact Disc, 56k dial up internet, or even petrol guzzling cars – that have seen their heydays and then go towards their demise. Is AI really all that fantastic – of having a new reality. Of talking robots and advanced machineries and production and construction systems, and softwares that make things faster & easier.

There’s a concept of understanding that these things that are created, that what we call technology, are things churned out of the human intelligence, and great minds that have been able to study, research and design them. We ought to know at the same time as well – that there’s a greater inherent intelligence that exists which we may not know much of. For those who solely believe in science, it wouldn’t be possible to imagine the immensity of the grandeur of this intelligence that designed the universe, the cosmos and life. We don’t talk of it as a malicious, I’ll existent intelligence or even a simulated type of progamming – rather it’s the essence of existence itself. What truly is real.

Our way of designing, creating, learning and developing is all part of being in inclusion of this pervading intelligence. Some call it energy some call it God. Whatever that you hold it in you, it’s quite profound to realize the existence of such intelligence and how it shapes the course of the cosmos. We as conscious developed beings, have a way of tapping into this form of pervadingness and in that way become creators ourselves – in making not just roads and houses and schools, rather also designing advanced technologies like AI or Virtual Reality or Supercomputers and Self Driving electric vehicles.

Know that the essence of what radiates throughout the universe exists within each one of us. And that the stuff that we design and create are things that would eventually lapse. They’re there to facilitate our lives – just as the clothes that we wear, and the cars we drive and the phones that we use, yet it’s knowing the other dimension of things, so we may say that we open up new possibilities. AI and Virtual Reality carry that connotation very clearly in their naming itself, that they’re both artificial and virtual. Meaning that they’re not real.

Therefore, it would be a waste in having too much of a great expectation in them for we ourselves are already mortal. The key here again is in understanding the immensity of the core of our being and to connect with that. AI and Virtual Reality are here to assist us to a certain extent, especially in lessening strenuous or non-essential work from humans and allowing these technologies to take care of them. While we then have more comfort, ease, accessibility and development we can allow ourselves to delve on topics and inventions that would supersede these incoming trends, and those that are more essential and meaningful. One of which is our own inner development, that is of managing our stress, emotions, health & wellbeing. We ought to find a better connection with life and true reality and allow our true nature to shine. We’re all on a quest – of finding meaning, fullfilment and happiness, and with the convenience afforded to us through the technologies that have been created; it’s time that we delve into this ‘true’ technology that’s the human mechanism itself.

In this we will be able tap into unbounded intelligence, harmony, peace & the fulfillment we so long for. Things that are already existent within, just waiting for us to tap into it.

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