Are we on the path of peace in the face of discord?

With so much going on in the world today, finding peace has become so much so at the far end of the bargain. We can say that by looking at the way people are conducting their lives today – striving to make a living, looking after their families, and finding that bit of reprise that they can get from it all. World events take center stage, and day by day we hear of constant strife, discord and conflicts.

“How can we reach a level of peace in the face of all this chaos?” – people might ask. My take on this is that there’s a certain level of turmoil that rises before calm can set in. How would this be? Man as we know today evolved through generations. We’ve come from cave dwellers, hunter gatherers to a more civilized nature and living more systematically. Man has always been on the path of development and evolution. And this will be evident in time to come.

Seeing from our past and where we’re at now, we’ve grown more intellectually. And a thinking man is one who’s always figuring things out. Finding solutions nonetheless but coming at odds too, some of the time. We’ve been able to construct vast civilizations, nations and infrastructures. Yet the desire for more has always left us in a conundrum. In our quest to achieve more, we battle out our fellow men, where there are disagreements in faith, territory, ideals, culture, and opinions. Everyone is vying for what he believes is right.

Essentially this all shows that man has made tremendous achievements in building the world around them but have yet to find balance in the areas of emotions, attitudes and their inner nature. Conquest and pleasure has always been found on the outside. It comes time when man needs to find balance from within. And this balance is in what leads to an understanding, a realization, and an acceptance; that our differences are there for a reason. It’s what makes us unique.

The discord that’s happening on the outside, is essentially an imbalance that has not been looked at and worked on within each one of us. Whether it’s relationship disputes, to world conflicts, it all stems from the need of every human to be at ease on the ‘inside’. It will take time, it will take some reflection, yet it’s the course of evolution that we’re on. To answer the question “Are we on the path of peace in the face of discord?” – I would say essentially, yes. All the harshness and struggle we’re facing will lead us to ponder, to think, to look from within and to then come up with solutions, ideas and understanding towards realizing peace.

It’s unfortunate that we have to go through such inconveniences and destruction, but it’s in such crunch times that we’re able to make up for better outcomes. It may take years, decades or generations but nevertheless we’re on the road to creating a better place for us and our children. Let each of our struggles help us grow and let that reverberate across the conundrum, and with that may we all grow to the best level that we can and lead ourselves towards creating a better era for humanity and peace on earth.

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