Being Awake in a world Asleep

The world we live in is one filled with people deep in their slumber. Not realizing what’s going on and typically being fed mainly by what the media tells. Deep in their slumber in this sense is being spiritually asleep. For this world that we live in is a tiny element that exists in the vastness of things.

People from young are fed with what they see on television or read on the news, or of what they’ve been taught by their well meaning parents and teachers, though they are being led afar from the truth. The truth is ever pervading and all encompassing. What’s been molded down into each individual is something that’s fake and superficial.

Nevertheless people seem happy through the dumbing down that they’re living in for then they also do not need to take on responsibility. Responsibility that is for themselves, society, humanity, and for the course of the universe. It’s easy to remain not in the know and assume things just as what’s given at face value, and take that as what’s real.

There’s so much that’s untold behind the pretenses of what’s existing as the mainstream now. Aspects of things to do with wars, or terrorism, or deceit and conceit, and manipulation, and financial control. The mass population remains asleep to what’s happening. Not knowing that they’re being taken for a ride and being used in the pursuit of a surreal agenda.

Those who are awake, do take reprise that you are aas we are living in the age of awakening. Humanity has been asleep for far too long. It’s by waking up that we can know what’s real and do what’s right for the future of humanity. We are in essence all one, this one existence, emanating and originating from one source. Let not the lies and manipulations of society set us apart.

By coming to realization and knowing our true selves, we can serve our true purposes. Not only do we strive for personal progress but we can also strive for what’s best for the collective. It doesn’t take much for others to also become ‘awake’. There’s the saying of the 100th monkey effect. That when more of us start to awaken, it creates a shift in the spectrum and reverberation of the planet, and more will start to awaken.

Humanity has loon been kept asleep and not in the know of the spiritual paradigm of things. Spiritual truths are essential truths. The knowledge of the cosmos, our universe, civilization, god, and our ancient past are important for us to know. Many things are yet to be uncovered. And once these are uncovered, we will realize the multidimensionality of our true selves and step into our true being.

The time has come for that to happen, and it will happen in phases. It is only through the unification of the human race that we can move forward as one. We need to set our hatreds and animosities aside, and together unite. The age of awakening is here now. We are set to charter a new paradigm in the course of humanity. May those who have awakened earlier be as guides to those around them and let not there be a feeling of loneliness or isolation. Take refuge in the deep knowing that the universe has your back, let others know that, and shape a new destiny for the world.

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