Being in the Present Moment – A hard feat or an effortless realization. How not to be swayed by over thinking or reactiveness

There’s always the talk of ‘staying in the present’ and not veering off. What does this mean actually? And how do we accomplish it? Is it as simple as being alert and attentive or are there deeper aspects to it?

We as humans are always bogged down by thoughts either of the past or what’s yet to come in the future. Rarely are we right here at the present. It is in the functionality of the mind that it keeps running these thoughts that keeps a hold of us, and what we feel and our state and mood. Are we at the mercy of these thoughts or can we alter them and altogether alter our state of being at any given time?

Seen in a way, thoughts are a form of programming, a collection of recollections and memories of all that we have gathered and experienced throughout our lives. Some may be pleasant and some may be detrimental to us. These memories are good, as they bring about our experiences. What matters most is how we see each of these situations that have played out in our lives.

We can go on ranting on the pains and sufferings and despair that we have experienced and playing them over and over again or we could also reminisce the good times. An altogether different approach would be to take them all, sufferings as well as pleasure as guidestones in chartering our lives and of what we really want. That way each memory and experience becomes precious in leading us to the true way in which we desire to live and how to lead our lives towards the best outcome.

The key is to stay in the flow, as we may say. And if we take it deeper, there is a way of rhythm that allows things to go about. Whether we may call it the way of nature or the universe, behind all the helter-skelter of the busty world, there is a certain way that allows each unfolding. By this – we can choose whether to consciously play a role in it, or allow the chaos that’s happening to trap us.

This is where it’s called ‘staying in the present’. To see things just as they are and to be a co-participant in the greater good. Being able to achieve this, at the same time, needs practice, patience, observation, and awareness. Having achieved this, it is easily possible to maneuver situations to allow for the good. We need to understand that each of us here has a role to play, in the collective. And by being in the present we can understand that more.

We may choose to practice this perhaps, by being aware of the breath, which may be a good start – as the breath too is part of the natural rhythm. It could also be through practicing something artistic or something that you’re good at, that brings out your skills and talents. It is seen in great athletes & musicians and even entrepreneurs that they’re able to bring out their best by being in their own gist. And that’s where they live up to their full potential, and bring out the best.

We may have been naturally taught to only use our thinking and logical skills to produce results and work things out in our lives, yet thinking and thoughts are but a minuscule element in which we operate. By being in the present, and staying in the rhythm that truly prevails, we tap into our intuition and gifts. And we’re then able to deliver this to the world. May you too be able to access this potential and way of being, to exert your best and live your best life. Be it whatever challenges or obstacles that come your way.

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