Education the New, True and Wholesome way – towards better capable humans

Imagine having your internship before you even graduate, wouldn’t that allow you to be more equipped and prepared to face the real world, instead of swimming around to get a grip of a whole new working environment upon completion of education, not even knowing if you would actually fit?

Let’s face it, the working world is an altogether different place and environment than being at school. Yes, the definite aim here is to keep progressing on achievements but it’s not all getting good grades and having good attendance that gets you further in the working world, as compared to being in school or college. It takes time and learning to adapt to corporate structures or even other professions and their environments and cultures.

Therefore, the question we should ask here is, are we truly equipping our young ones in the right way, and setting them for success, or could our conventional education system see an improvement or innovation in a more wholesome way? Is it suffice in the first place for a child, student or young adult to set their course of career, future and industry to venture into by standard upbringing and modes of influence, be it parents, teachers, media or surroundings. Clearly these are the elements that influence an individual’s sense of identity, liking, preference and choice of pursuit.

Could there perhaps be a way to hone on each individual’s true latent and creative talents and actually allow that to shine, unbridled and be let to flourish? Not influenced by external inputs. We know that each one of us have desires, ambitions, abilities and skills that remain untapped, due to a myriad of reasons. It is about time that we look at a new way of education in bringing out these capabilities and even polishing and encouraging them from young.

Wouldn’t it be more profound and rightful for each individual to step into their own form of ‘greatness’ if we may call it, or potential. All this is possible through a more inclusive form of education, upbringing and exposure. What I mean by that is not just focusing on a certain way of characterizing success and achievement. In our world today, priority is very much in academia and purely learning subjects.

In my view, a more wholesome way of developing individuals, namely younger ones is to expose them to real – true life elements; as in allowing them to know about the different cultures that are out there in the world, the different types of food and to maybe experiment and learn how to cook them, the different types of environments and localities, and even, skills, teachings, art, music and wisdom that exist all around the world.

By having them get a taste of this from young, it would develop a more robust, concise and capable human. It would no longer be an issue to find one’s path and desire, more so to see how that person can fit in to the whole ecosystem and contribute in a wholehearted way. It would no longer be of judging and stereotyping or being uncaring. As an individual is equipped with real life skills and overall knowledge, he or she would by best means contribute and allow this for others as well.

Without a doubt there needs to be a practical way of implementing this and it needs to start somewhere. We may not be able to begin all this right away, overnight, but fortunately there already are some organizations giving birth to these types of wholesome education, and it’s quite an encouragement. One of them is Global Degree, which takes the classroom experience right out into the real world, where students not only get to travel to different countries over the course of a period but to also have a professor follow them and guide them in their assessments and studies, while they immerse themselves in real life experiences that relate to their field of pursuit. That’s where when we mention – getting your internship before even starting work, it really strikes the spot here.

One other organization that has also started a new way of learning, even more so, putting it in a way that learning is continuous and that even a 70 year old could participate, is Mindvalley U with it’s once a year program – lasting a month, that continues for the rest of your life. Mindvalley U sets itself apart in that it doesn’t actually teach you common technical subjects, but rather the stuff that you don’t get in regular education, delivered by world renowned experts and leaders who come down to this program held in a different city every year. It’s very much learning from the best in their respective fields in aspects like entrepreneurship, public speaking, personal growth, love or even mindfulness.

There’s certainly some bright minds and those that are chartering a new way of educating people and allowing a more in-depth scope and experience, in building human potential, ability, and skills. The whole cost of participating in Global Degree is same to what a standard American college tuition fee would cost, hence, it’s not much of a trade-off, while Midvalley U offers a cost effective package for those who wish to enrol in the basic programs and may upgrade as they like.

Cost remains a factor certainly, and that’s also why we don’t get to altogether do and learn what we truly desire. In the article Future Money that I have written, we take a more progressive look at how education can be supported by new ways of wealth disbursement, that it doesn’t burden the individual.

All in all, we can already see the progression in some way. Standard or traditional types of education may become redundant as we’re headed towards a new generation with greater ambition and capability. As more awareness and inclination grows towards this new way of education and as the funding aspects are more favourable, it would become a better choice in producing a more all rounded individual. And give children or students a chance to explore all the different facets there are in the uniqueness of our world, and strive in what’s truly best for them.

For now it may be more geared towards older students perhaps; yet as the benefits of it is seen, this type of wholesome and inclusive education can reach even younger children. It’s always good to start them with what’s best and ideally give them a good head start. Very much so towards creating better capable humans.

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