Growing old – A virtue or privilege. How our elders should be cared for and what we can prepare ourselves for ageing

Old age is something that is inevitable as we progress throughout life. Some see it as a slow down or retirement while there are also those who see it as a period of having achieved ripening and wisdom and that this can be imparted to younger ones – be it society or family.

There are instances in which the elderly also become incapable and weak. In this case there’s a need for care to be given and for there to be understanding and qualified carers. Above all, in the best way possible it is for us ourselves as individuals who are very much aware that in the passage of life we have to reach this point of sesession or culmination of human life.

The best way to address these two scenarios is for there to be understanding, education and awareness of what old age is all about and where we are headed next. Old age essentially is in every case a period in which the life force energy that empowers and drives a human being stars to diminish. It is a progression, and this is where it leads to a transition back to the other world or spirit world as we may say. The life force energy that holds the physical body can no longer attach itself to it – as the body has grown old.

See it in whichever way you may please – though this is the way of life and cycles. Every beginning comes to an end and the end that we experience, or go through would very much lead to a further transitioning – of learning, growing and developing as a soul.

In the human sense of who we are and where we’re at right now, it is important to get a grip of what’s in store for us next as we progress towards the end of our journey on earth. At the same time, in the physical sense – we ought to prepare ourselves rightly to anticipate this. There’s many things that we can do from a young age itself, by exercising, eating healthy, having the right mindset and also our attitude. It is not in all essences that we must see old age as a time for slow down. In fact it could even be a renewal of sort, in delving into the things we love and appreciate – with the luxury of time that we have. Having already toiled the years making an income.

This can very much be the period of getting back to that hobby that you have or any interest that you’re keen on. By keeping yourself active and indulged in these activities and experiences it allows you to avoid worrying, stressing and contemplating on things that were in the past. In fact this would very much give you something to look forward to each day. In lifting your spirits as well. They may be things like music, drawing, collecting stuff, gardening, fishing, trekking or it could be active involvement – in charities or causes or being an advisor of some sort in an organization, having already the depth of knowledge.

Ideally also – for the old folks who have succumbed to illnesses, it’s best that care is given at the utmost level. For these folks are human too – living, breathing and experiencing just like all of us. It’s very much inappropriate that they’re left neglected and even sent to nursing homes. There needs to be an awareness and a way of compassion to also show kindness to these folks. Above all, it is important to instill a sense of spiritual awareness or knowledge. As we know that, the passage through old age is leading up to the transition. There are efforts in countries in Europe who have come up with unique ideas of combining housing for youngsters (college students & young adults) together with nursing homes. It becomes a win-win in a way that the youngsters do not have to fork out too much of a sum for living while the old folk enjoy the presence, company & friendship of these youngster.

Above all else, when we talk about reaching old age and preparing for it – it’s important to have knowledge of our body and our self in a way that we can move through this passage effortlessly. In this, as we say – there needs to be spiritual awareness and also healthy habits. It has shown that exercise along with yoga, tai chi, meditation, and cultivating the right mindset – as a way of naming some of the good and healthy habits – do bring about betterment on the overall. It’s best to also start them early, to not be in a quandary later on.

Know that your health and wellbeing is in your hands, and it is in the everyday things that you do. Old age is a time to cherish, having lived full lives and it’s a time to cultivate, reflect and get in tune with your inner self. May all of you who are reading have healthy, happy and pleasant days throughout your golden years.

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