Hitting Rock Bottom: Can it go any lower? Crucial steps to take at this point

They say, hitting rock bottom is freeing. And so it is. The only expectation that remains is your own, of yourself. No one has any more expectations for you. As hard as it is to believe, that’s true, and people who’ve hit rock bottom would attest to it somehow. With the cruelness of society around and people always looking for ways to pick on others, this is when you see the true colours of your detractors. Even your supporters have no way of relating to what you’re going through.

Hitting Rock Bottom could mean different things to different people. For someone it may be losing their job, through a struggling career; for someone else it may be losing a relationship or getting into divorce after having fought so much to keep the relationship alive. For others, it may be being riled in debt and nowhere to find a solution, or seeing a once booming business turning sour and having to shut it down. It may also be for some, a time of contemplating multiple issues that have hit at the same time. It could be concerning health, relationships, losing a dear one, or a midlife crisis.

Essentially what this situation calls for is a reflection and reassessment of what wasn’t working and or went wrong and taking necessary steps to correct it. It’s a signal that what we have been striving for so long, and the expectations that we were holding on to and perhaps the lifestyles and routines we were living weren’t serving us in the best way. There certainly must be an imbalance and this is what that has led to the crunch time that we’re in now – at Rock Bottom.

Can it get any worse or lower than this? It’s not to alarm you, but yes if you don’t take that remaining expectation that you have of yourself and act on it, there could be another trap that awaits. Things could turn even deeper to bankruptcy, or homelessness, or addictions, or abuse, or depression & mental illness, to being disowned & distanced by friends and family. There may be far deeper things but this gives it a good enough idea of what one may fall into.

Therefore, if you are at this point now, having hit rock bottom, it’s time to act. For every time that you’ve hit a roadblock, there’s surely a solution at bay. You’ve got to reach for it. Maybe you don’t have the courage or you feel that it’s far overboard or you’re worried of what others might think of you. Well it’s time for a rethink. You don’t get a shot at taking another chance that many times in life. You’ve got this opportunity, for this point you’ve reached at, and it calls for that next move. Time to move to a new town or city if necessary, leave that relationship or circle of friends or family that has been hindering you for so long, go learn a new skill that would help you make better use of your talents or creativity, learn to open up to new experiences and to welcome happiness and love in life. If you’ve been holding off on doing something in life that would give you fulfillment, go do it.

Life always keeps the new window of opportunity open, in every of our stumbles or debacles. There’s always that next hint or idea. If you feel that it’s too far fetched, and not actionable, try lay it out into gradual steps that can be taken towards the desired outcome. For example, if you feel that there’s a place you could go to and start anew but are at a lack of finances or resources, try see it in a way to maybe hitch in with a friend that lives there or nearby and then working out the next steps. Have courage and keep moving.

On the other hand, if you feel you’re at a conundrum and you can’t decide or you need time, or feel lost, that’s also a good sign. And it’s very well a time to reflect inside. Maybe it’s not time for the next move but to reflect and recalibrate first. In this it’s crucial to find a safe space or place to do so, and regain energy. Give yourself the necessary time. If there are emotional issues to look into, seek support groups, or communities or advisors or counsellors. It’s the same too if you’re looking to restrategize some of your plans or projects, seek for experts in the respective areas and learn from them. There are numerous motivational coaches, experts and advisors. Join some of the local meet-ups, events or programs in the areas of what you’re looking to learn, find out and improve. There are always avenues to reflect, learn, connect, revitalize and restructure.

Overall, know that it’s a good point that you’re at. Not many people come to this crux point in which it allows us to reshape our lives and do what’s right. It does show that you’ve tried hard, and got hit. Yet it’s not a call to give up. Pick up the pieces. Don’t let it embroil into those even lower points lurking beneath, as discussed earlier. Those may take you down another topsy-turvy road before bringing you back at this point of knowing what’s right, taking control and acting upon it – if you’re lucky.

Most importantly, understand it’s time now to muster your confidence and strength, and as has been said, this expectation that you have of yourself that remains now, devoid of anyone else’s, it’s what’s telling you that there’s a path ahead into fulfilling what you desire and making the best out of this life that you have. It’s time for you to heed this call.

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