How Depression can cause tendencies towards Suicide, and how to resolve this

Depression is something that’s quite widespread and many have had it at least at some point in their life. Depression can be due to physical causes and also due to mental causes. In physical causes, these are due to living in climates where the environment is sombre that leads to an inactive feeling. An example is like living in a cold wintery place where there’s lack of sunshine. People there inadvertently become depressed after staying in such conditions for a long time.

Mental causes on the other had is due to thinking and not feeling as good as one would ideally want to. Depression essentially is a condition when we feel lowly of ourselves, lacking self esteem, encouragement and enthusiasm. One who has depression often feels unappreciated and lack of motivation to get things done. Depression can also be due to setbacks faced in life that causes one to doubt their own abilities and gifts.

There can also be depression that’s hidden, where it’s not obviously seen on the outside. People with this type of depression go about their daily lives normally, without a trace of weariness while actually suffering from within. They do not show traces of depression, though their private lives can show an effect of it and they suffer from within.

Depression when not treated can lead to suicidal tendencies. When one doesn’t have the energy to go about their days and do their activities, suicidal feelings and thoughts can set in. This is ever more pervasive when the person having depression doesn’t have anyone to confide in, and even family members disregard them. There becomes an ever more feeling of loneliness.

Suicide on the other hand is a very abrupt thing in that it causes the sufferer to act at unexpected moments to cause injury to themselves or even take their own lives. Suicide comes at no notice and happens when the sufferer is struck the most and is in a situation of helplessness.

The way to resolve the issue of depression that then leads to suicide is definitely first seek help when you know you need it. It is only you that can do what’s best for yourself, and know you need to act on it and seek assistance. At the same time as well, don’t keep yourself in the same environment or routine that causes you to have those feelings and tendencies. Find a shift of place and environment. Take walks at a park to get fresh air. Mingle with people that can cheer you up. Get some sunshine at the beach, for a change.

If you have the type of depression that’s hidden and you put on a face in real life to hide it, get some reprise by seeking professional help. In that, you don’t need to let strangers know. Depression is also an illness of the contemplative type of person. Hence, if you’re yearning for something that’s not done, and if you’re seeking to look for something, take a step to fulfill your needs and desires. Depression tends to stay when you hold yourself back from accomplishing what you want to.

Physical related depression essentially stems from weak bodies in cold environments. Therefore you should seek to find more sunshine or exercise more to strengthen your lower chakras that are related more to the physical function of the body and rigor.

Depression leading to suicide can be catastrophic. People living in modern environments these days are always driven for success and to achieve progress without any emphasis on looking into the other aspects that need attention as well, such as emotional and wellbeing related matters. Things need to be balanced for the typical human to operate at their utmost. The way to ensure that things don’t escalate to what could be worst is to take care of your inner state and your needs. Look after yourself and love yourself. Know that life is precious and that there always is a way out of troubles.

In your workbook of life, this phase of having depression and tendencies for suicide is only a chapter and a passing phase. There’s lots more to life once you get past this and with the strength that you have amassed. Don’t let people put you down, and stand up for your truth. Life is worth living and that too, fully, excitingly, and cheerfully.

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