Illness centric vs more health inclined healthcare systems

The healthcare system today drives droves of patients to seek treatment for all sorts of illnesses. Patients have much less of an option as the existing healthcare systems are the full fledged ones. The ill go there seeking a resort and a solution for their illnesses. Illnesses that may have long been impending and some concurrent and immediate occurrances that need attention.

The thing that is prevalent is that the healthcare system that exists today thrives on people being sick. It is an industry and a business with the healthcare system and the pharmaceutical system existing hand in hand. People are stuck to depend on such a system that uses synthetic drugs that sometimes have dire side effects on patients when administered and used.

Not much attention and emphasis is given to more wholesome healthcare treatments. And by wholesome we mean not just encompassing the mind and physical body but rather also etherical, emotional and spiritual health. Patients that go see doctors are very much in distraught. They’ve been through a lot, especially those that are chronic, and even the minor illnesses can be sometimes traced to stress and preexisting issues in a person’s life.

It is blasphemous to give a person a pill to treat an occurring symptom where the overall picture is not taken into understanding by the healthcare practitioner. A healthy or health inclined healthcare system should take all aspects into consideration. Hence a doctor should very much have deep understandings of not just the physical but the overall functioning of the human system.

We have had such healers and doctors in ancient times. Yet, ancient times don’t seem that far long when we see that the advent of modern medicine has only been recent. A wholesome healer takes into account a persons overall needs. This when added to the treatment given for the physical aspect creates a robust mechanism in healing. Patients should be soothed of their sorrows, pain, trauma and issues and not just be treated for occurring symptoms that are observable. The healthcare professional should investigate further.

A patient should be able to come to a healthcare practitioner knowing that they will be healed and not to be a customer. Yes, we know that not all ailments can be healed as some are terminal, infectious and conditioned, though the patient should still have relief in knowing that it’s not the end for them. Doctors in the current healthcare system don’t give them such hope.

The way to solve this is to inculcate a spiritual understanding. Where spirituality meets science. Only by being aware of a spiritual understanding can one know that the physical body and the mind is not all there is. There’s a deeper dimension to things and when people start to comprehend this, they are able to solve their issues in a quantum way. Not just by seeking medical aid, but knowing the further aspects of how things are happening and how it can relate to karma as well.

It is my sincere hope that integrative healthcare systems are developed and people get a thorough assessment and treatment for their illnesses. It’s about time that healers, especially trained ones and alternative therapy practitioners work along side medical doctors and for there to be a collaboration. Patients deserve this and they deserve to have ease of mind and be in true understanding of their conditions. Let us not use patients as profits but charter a way of healthcare that heals and that makes more it more humane for the ill.

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