Innocence and honesty – Is there a place for being genuine and true in this ‘brutal’ world that we live in?

It’s very much become the norm to be crude and disparaging to others in our day to day lives when they offend us. For some, they’re always that way, irregardless. Is there a way to show good kindness and honesty and to still be marveled and appreciated?

From what we watch on the news and media each day, we see a lot of carnage and destruction, as well as unmoral and vehement behavior – of solely causing carnage. And it’s usually the kind and gentle ones that get crushed. It is seen as being mighty and oppressive that that’s the way to charter yourself and dominate.

Where in this can we hold a place for tranquility, and for good behavior to shine, or is it just not possible? It’s for the many – that are kind and generous, who hold themselves behind public light and who aren’t brave enough to allow this beauty to shine through – that we see the radicalness and oppression from just a select few in power.

Kids at a young age are already exposed to violence, murder and crime, by the very TV shows and media that’s designed for them. Children for one exist with harmonious resonant souls and states of being. Of pureness and love. Yet society at large ‘does it’s best’ to instill crudeness in them and have them transforming from their original state to that which will assimilate with the chaos of the world and play along with it.

This has to change, for not just the benefit of our kids and future – but the entire planet as well and of aligning with the true nature of the cosmos. The crudeness, dishonesty and violence that has popped up and that is widespread stems from misconceptions and ignorance. Of blaming and hating and complaining, which if left to continue would reach no end.

Humans are here on a journey to learn and to grow as souls and through the depth of their being. In shining their true lights. Our souls are pure at inception, yet they are not perfect. Hence the trials and tribulations that we go through in learning, and the different atmospheres that we come across. This unique environment on earth, of duality and hardship and war, is one to teach us of the non-nature of who we are, to then transcend it. Where our original state is of progress, evolution, and attainment of the ultimate.

Therefore, for those who see this and are naturally kind, honest, generous and loving; understand that it’s not to hide this persona, rather to show it more. It may not be outright reasonable to be that polite and kind everywhere around, though there are spaces and environments in which we can accentuate this. Find these places of community, of being, of sharing, and helping. And from there drop a dose of this kindness wherever you go as well, in giving way to others, respecting them, showing love and encouraging them.

As people see this, it opens up a spark in them that they feel encouraged to do the same. In this way we create a ripple, that would emanate across. Know that innocence and honesty have their rightfulness of being shown and expressed, and allow it spread, one drop at time. Let’s open up a new future towards a better world to live in.

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