Intuition Awareness: The toll on medicating our future healers

Intuition is a faculty or ability that’s suttle and works alongside the mind. It is that inner voice that speaks from within and that gives us insights. There are different levels of intuition and intuition can be developed and honed. Intuition is a gift to those who are spiritually receptive and inclined.

While it is a valuable ability, intuition awareness and the process of awakening can sometimes be mistrued as a mental illness. This is because the person becomes more sensitive and aware, and in the process of realizing their gifts, adapting and trialling it, they can be mistaken for being someone that’s sick.

This can be detrimental to the awakening of future healers and helpers. Ideally, for spiritual development, there ought to be safe spaces and environments for the exploration and learning of these gifts, though sometimes there can be occurances that a person goes through these phases on their own, without guidance.

There can be a downside to learning spirituality and practicing meditations just off the internet, just because one has an interest in it. This is because there’s no proper guidance and assimilation, as compared to being part of a spiritual community that supports one’s development.

The types of mental illnesses that can be implied on a person having an awakening are such as schizophrenia or psychosis. Essentially the real mentally ill hear sounds, voices, or perceive things different from what a normal person would. And for that they are medicated to reduce the symptoms of having these occurances, to be able to go back to ‘normality’.

A spiritual person actually has a broader sense of perception, in which they can tap into suttle insights, knowings and some are also sensitive such as empaths, that can feel others’ emotions as their own. A spiritual person’s awakening should be differentiated from just those who are actually ill, especially if it’s identified that a person is very well on the path of spirituality, and has some practices such as meditation being done.

The real mentally ill and sick in fact, are also sensitive though they do not have spiritual knowledge, and ascribe to diagnosis’ and medications given by doctors, mainly psychiatrist. They too could sometimes be affected by spiritual elements like disturbances and spirits, rather than just classifying their occurances as mood swings or illnesses.

Those who are, and know for a certain that they are on the spiritual path should find refuge in a proper spiritual practice, organizations, or intuitive development school. The doctors, unaware, should be educated on spiritual occurances and should be trained to have the care and sensibility in allowing spiritual growth, instead of medicating and numbing a person. The cost of medicating in this case results in not just numbness, but also disorientation, weakness and slowness, and lack of awareness. Plus side effects of the drugs that can’t be reversed.

Much could be lost if spiritual awakening and growth is not understood properly and is seen incorrectly. We are at the precipice of the awakening of lots of individuals. Even with the birth of naturally abled healers. If behaviour in individuals that are to be the future wayshowers are seen as an illness and more so if it becomes the norm that even kids are medicated for unruly behavior, then we are deemed for disaster.

There needs to be a clear cognizance to know that one is spiritually inclined and to allow their talents and gifts to flourish, instead of being blocked. Intuition is a beautiful thing when realized and developed, and let it not be made as fluff or nonsensical. There needs to be seriousness in allowing for inherent gifts to flourish towards allowing for a better way of living and being for all of mankind

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