Life of an Empath: Sensing, feeling and understanding

Empaths are intuitive individuals that have the ability to feel, and that too, deeply. Empaths are easily triggered by emotions of others and are considered as sensitive. It becomes difficult for one who hasn’t known yet that they are an empath, to keep having to feel and react to what their surroundings are causing them. They are unaware yet they connect with the senses, the emotions and the vibes around them.

Empaths are generally people who can sense things without being given knowledge or input about them. More so towards feelings and deeper sensory awareness. Empaths are able to tell if one is lying or is inauthentic, in that they can read things through energy and tell if the person that hey’re with is a good person or has ulterior motives. This ability is natural to them.

Empaths are easily affected by toxic energy or toxic vibes. They can be strongly affected when they’re around angry, moody, or aggressive people. They can know immediately that a certain type of energy is not coherent for them. Empaths hence like to keep way from such individuals as it can affect their aura and cause them uneasiness, headaches or frustrations.

Empaths, being the feeling and sensing type or also known esoterically as clairsentient are the types that also give out energy. Them being the suttle type, they always prefer balanced energetic environments and as such transmit energy to enable their surroundings to be calm. This takes an amount of effort on the empaths part, and it’s not possible to measure it as such, to fine details but there is a resonance that is given out in the exchange. Empaths are naturally consoling and give out good vibes to those who are hurting or in a low mood.

Being energy givers, empaths can be susceptible to energy vampires and narcissists. Energy vampires are energy suckers and so are narcissists. Imagine having a long winded phone call and the person on the other end lamenting their problems and dillemmas over the hour long conversation as an example and you’ll know the feeling of being drained as what an empath feels when around an energy vampire.

Empaths love peaceful and calm environments, to be able to tap into their intuitive gifts and feel freely. Empaths are sometimes seen as introverted, though what they’re essentially doing is recharging themselves in solitude or in their personal space. It helps for empaths to also go out into nature to balance their energies and auras after soaking up too much of toxicity from people around.

Empaths can be good confidants and are also social and energetic. Being around an empath can make you feel comforted, pleased and at ease. Empaths do also have feelings and dilemmas of their own, and love for someone who’s conversational who they can pour their feelings to. Empaths are good friends and are also curious and adaptive to what their surrounding has and what the surrounding wants to show them.

If you’re curious if your an empath, try thinking of the situations described and if you resonate with some of what has been mentioned here. It’s good to be a aware that you’re an empath to practice etheric hygiene. It’s important for empaths to look after themselves and not be susceptible to energy vampires and narcissists. Trust your instincts and intuitiveness and cultivate a more wholler way of feeling, sensing and understanding.

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