Love: The desire of every human – Looking at it’s deeper roots

When swept by love even the heaviest burdens we bear can feel like feathers. Love lifts us up, assures us and let’s us see the beauty in life. We all have experienced love in our lives, and is there an end to it? How deep can love be? Will we be able to experience it to that level? I bet it’s in each of our minds. We can’t deny that deep down inside, we do so much desire for love. Let’s look at how we can fulfil this in our lives.

Love is experienced at different levels. We first experience love of our parents as soon as we are born to this earth. We’re given care, tenderness, and guidance from them from an early age. We also experience the love of our siblings and family, who spend moments of our lives with us. There’s also extended family such as grandparents, aunties, uncles & cousins. These all build our early experiences of love, from the conversations, the gestures, the attention, the support and the encouragement.

We further go on to experience the love of our friends, and how we share commonalities and can relate to each other. We gain trust, assurance and camaraderie. Next, we start having feelings for a certain someone and may start having a crush. This is natural as our hormones change in our teens – towards adulthood. We may go on to have a relationship with them and have our first boyfriend or girlfriend. At that moment even the trivial things, may seem so sweet, of that ‘first love’. Indeed, it’s what it’s leading up to, towards that man-woman relationship or if you’re gay, then towards that too.

Typically, it’s of building a close relationship, of companionship, togetherness, further towards intimacy, and having someone who will be there for us through life to share our feelings, moments, to fulfil our needs and be there for us even in our tribulations. This is what we seek for in adulthood. We may go through several relationships before finally finding the right partner for us. We may then also tie the knot. Love is unique in that it can stretch us, make us go to great depths and lengths, and to experience hurt, sacrifice, hardship and compromise. We would do all for the sake of love. Love can be bitter sometimes, and there are those who say too that true love hurts.

Undoubtedly, every one of us deserves to feel love at it’s highest. Love makes for everything. Of what we’re seeking, of what we’re experiencing and of what we’re giving, it all consists of love. We may find love in another human being, in animals, some even over things that they own and what this makes up for is finding an expression of love through what is outside us. To understand the deeper meaning of love is to know it from within. That what brings about love on the outside, is our nature itself. Where we’re born out of love, we grow and experience love and the feeling that we attract of another is actually us ourselves.

We base that feeling and experience of love on what we already are. It takes some pondering to grasp it – take your time, no doubt. See it that what you find in a partner, parent, child, animal or anything else that you associate with love is a reflection of who or what you already are. The association that you have is actually a tool or a marker that helps ignite this for you. And it’s up to you to identify it and to see how far you can take it.

Clearly we see many in this world that are devoid of love. That are desperate. It’s a cue, that for where some amount of love and tenderness that has been ignited in you that it’s best to share it with others. What’s lacking is a giving of love – in our world today. Everybody is seeking for it and many struggles are coming out of it. Expecting it from another, sometimes direly and cruelly.

Fortunate it would be for those of us who have discovered it. Experiencing that brush of love in life and take it to another level. Give for where you can, and as this reverberates, it’s effects multiply. For every life that you touch, that you’re now showing them this nature of love in them too, by you, it opens up a new heart. As that grows, it leaves a memory, an imprint, and undeniably that small act or gesture that you’ve shown, will someday touch that person and encourage them to return the deed somewhere else.

When we each help one another to realize this quality that is love, it being more than just a feeling, it helps us touch that inner nature of ourselves more profoundly. As this grows, we in turn create a better overall environment. There will be lesser and lesser people who will feel deprived of love. Cherish the loved ones in your life who’ve shown you this. Reciprocate and show it to others as well. Let us all be ‘mirrors’ to each other in helping them realize their true essence, and that at the root of it we all are love itself, from the source that creates us itself. We were only waiting to discover it.

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