Meditation: A way in which humans connect to the cosmic internet

Wouldn’t we all agree that the human body is the most advanced gadget that exists on our planet today? It is in fact this gadget that has given birth to all the other tacky and magnificent gadgets that we have today. The human body we can say is a gadget on it’s own, in which it has it’s own systems and mechanisms that keeps it alive, and not underlining too – the prowess of the creativity, intellect and capability of the person who resides in the body.

If we were to give it an analogy – we can look at what we’re so fond of, and know of, which is a computer. We use it in our day to day lives, and it has come a long way in it’s development and advancement. Think of it during the days it was first brought to the masses – it ran on fairly low computing capacities, and had functionalities that were preliminary. Look back at the time of MS DOS and Windows 95. Computer systems have processors, memory, storage & hard disks, software, and not to forget – the ability to interconnect and even hook on to the internet.

They very much started out with basic capabilities as technological advancement and known how was in it’s infancy. The computer systems at that time maybe came with initial Intel or IBM processors, floppy disk drives, and if lucky a built in 56k dial-up modem. Look at where we’ve come now in terms of computer technology. It’s sometimes hard to believe how far back we were. With now quad computing to quantum computing technologies, terabytes of storage, and also high speed broadband internet. Everything has advanced, and makes life much easier.

Given that, let’s look at it the other way now, this human body and it’s capability is yet to be explored. We may have our own ideas and understanding of how human life began and originated. We’re well aware of how we evolved from primates to early hominids to now modern humans. We’ve moved from hunching and moving on all fours to walking erect. This is noted by the well known scientist Charles Darwin himself. What came along with our evolution process as well was not just improvement in our physicality but also greater thinking capacity.

Undeniably, it took us a long way to get where we’re at now, compared to how our man made computers evolved. Going back to the earlier analogy – we very well have this ‘hardware’, a physical body. And may we say, we too run on software, in our thinking and intellect capacities and the knowledge we gain, that reflects how we conduct ourselves. Put it in a way, as computers use floppy disks and CD’s to install new information, we have our books, newspapers, magazines and all sorts of inputs that we gain from the outside. Pretty rudimentary, ain’t it?

Would you not think that it’s about time we connected to our own vast ‘internet’. Heck we’ve come so much so forth that we can even skip the cables, for we’re connected anyway – wirelessly! It’s about time we acknowledge this potential in us, and this gift of being human, and the human life we have. Our course is to keep evolving anyway, so why not do it consciously. We have this ability to explore the next level of technology, built into us, that’s just waiting. And from there we can download and access the vastness of information that’s available to us in understanding ourselves and the true nature of existence.

Ask yourself, don’t you think it’s time already to hook on to your own internet – or the internet of the cosmos, or would you still want to leaf through information, one at a time? Meditation is the key and it opens up a whole new possibility for us. The ancient sages and yogis have known this. We’re again at the stage of realizing this. The choice is yours, of whether to explore it, or stay at status quo. Choose wisely.

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