Meditation Instead of Medication: How Inner Healing holds more prominence

Every once in a while we do tend to get unwell. It’s the way of the physical body that it’s susceptible to things around us and ailments that exist from within us. And during these times we are put on a course of medication, to recuperate. Question is, is it all that effective? Are we getting the best out of the treatment by taking medications?

There’s an alternative to medication, as what we would call as meditation. We say it in a sense that meditation is the spiritual, holistic approach to tackle ailments. Meditation instead of medication entails meditation and also includes a whole host of other aspects to bring a more overall health.

By choosing a more spiritual and holistic route to ailments we come across new learnings and new perspectives on being able to heal ourselves. Meditation for one is seen by the general lay person as something far off or weird. It’s seen as something that requires controlling of thoughts and going blank, where that’s not at all what it is. People who know meditation can tell you better.

Meditation essentially is a calming of the mind. The mind can be overactive and may be stuck in overthinking. A state of meditativeness brings this to a more restful state, in that it allows healing to happen. It is known that the body has the ability to heal itself given the right inputs and stimulus. Meditation is a profound way to heal.

Getting a mental shower is essentially also what meditation is. Where we take showers to cleanse our physical body, a meditation is a mental shower to clear our minds. Meditation has healing properties as well, especially if we do meditation focused on healing. It heals and balances our chakras, or what’s known as energy centers in our body. Chakras, when they are misaligned cause distortions in the energetic field and energy body which can manifest as physical ailments.

Keeping our chakras in good balance allows our physical ailments and pain to heal as well. Meditation increases our receptivity to healing. When the mind and body is calm it is able to pull in spiritual energy or light that can heal and bring wellbeing. Meditation coupled with good eating habits, exercise or yoga, maintaining a healthy mindset, and keeping a clean space in which we work and live can accelerate healing.

Medication may not be all that necessary in the long run, if we can instill a holistic way of healing. Yes there are chronic ailments that require medication throughout, yet we can alleviate the symptoms and cause, and trusting in the healing potentials of our bodies and the divine power that allows this to happen, allows miracles to come to being.

By all means, do not discount the fact and ability of your body to heal itself. Take the holistic approach where you can, for ailments that have long been lingering. It’s improper to have to depend on medication with side effects and harmful effects. Trust in the innate ability of self recovery. Build your inner strength and see a route out towards better wellbeing in choosing meditation instead of medication.

At the same time, we do not discount the need to take medication or pharmaceutical drugs for relief. Just do not rely on them entirely. Yes, they work very effectively as a first approach, though learn more about yourself and see how you can heal yourself without depending on drugs. They essentially are not the natural way. We always want to seek for better ways.

If this is your first time hearing or learning about meditation, you may try a simple meditation in which you can sit in a relaxed state, whether in meditation posture on the floor, or comfortably on a seat with your back straightened. Close your eyes and begin breathing calmly. Slowly with an in breath and then with an out breath. Continue on. As you keep going with this observe any thoughts or mental chatter that you have. The key is not to control them, rather be in tune with the rhythm of the breath.

Having continuously done this for a good 10 – 15 minutes you will realize the difference you feel and the energy gained. Practice this frequently, once a day and observe it even more as you go on for a month or longer. There will be noticeable effects and you will feel calmer. If there are thoughts or issues that pop up during your meditation, take charge and handle them when you are back in your waking state. Your intuition speaks to you to direct you to issues that are long standing.

Be unafraid of the quietness and blank state that you may experience. Try to stay calm and tune in. Meditation is regenerative, healthy and relaxing. Try it for yourself. Teach this too to friends you know who suffer from anxiety, stress or worry. This is a simple step taught, to experience mediation.

All in all, it is strongly recommended to take the route of meditation instead of medication. Add a dose of meditation and relaxation as well as a holistic practice in overcoming issues or ailments that you may have. Don’t always resort to quick fixes, as quick fixes don’t work all the time and more so in the long run. There is a downside to drugs. My hope is that you choose the right route and lead a healthy life. Towards a life of meditation instead of medication.

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