Of messiahs, messengers and masters, in this age of awakening

The times we live in now are crucial times in which changes are occuring. We have moved from the dark ages and are now at the pinnacle of reaching this new age of light. In this time there will be many of us that will come to awakening, some already born as the guides of future to come.

What we say as messiahs, messengers and masters are the children of the new age born already capable with abilities to shine forth this new era. These are the transformers of society, towards better civilizations, economic systems and also understandings of spirituality.

The kids of the new era are the bringers of what the future holds. A future that’s not predetermined but one that can be chartered and created as and where the will of humanity sets it as to how the newfound way should be. These kids or adults for that, may not be prophets or gurus rather souls that have gone through lifetimes of training in bring a new age of light. They are much developed in perception and sensibility.

These are the changemakers, even in the smallest of their roles. Planet Earth has seen lots of destruction and atrocities in times past and these bringers of the new era, those who have had births and incarnations on planets and places that are already much more advanced than Earth, can bring in new insights for what’s to come.

These children of the future should be encouraged, developed and nurtured, as well as to also have a chance to shine in their fields of pursuit and accomplishment. They are not to be subjugated, controlled and forced to live a way that’s not consistent with their true nature. The gifts and talents existent in these children must be honed and used to full potential. These are the architects, artists, musicians, visionaries and engineers of the future.

We have a choice to let these new age kids lead and take us towards this future that awaits us in which we live in a more developed, harmonious, loving and evolved way or we can choose to go towards the path of degeneration and destruction, as what is already playing out in our global sphere today. The choice is ours, and for us to make way leading towards a greater future, with bright minds at its helm.

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