Predicament of a Karmic Slave – The making use of the vulnerable and the sensitive

Within this society of ours, there are the oppressors and there are the considerate and understanding. We may have ourselves been in both such categories at certain times in life. However, there are those who carry these traits indefinitely and have it as their identity.

What we call as a karmic slave is someone who indirectly or through circumstances is made to take on other’s karma, sometimes even deliberately. This is the case of the sensitive and those who we may call as soft. Who take on other’s karmic debris when around them.

Small children in this case are very much one of them, and by a way automatically. There are also empaths and intuitives who are yet to realize their talents and gifts, who unknowingly get embroiled in tangent issues and dilemmas, that they can deeply feel and want to help resolve.

The importance of understanding the dilemma of a karmic slave is that this person is often disempowered or in a position of not having independence and authority. Authority in this case, is of one’s life and the day to day aspects in it. They may be dependent on others or may be caught up in a situation that they themselves don’t realize.

There’s a case in which children, women, or the vulnerable suffer torment or abuse, just in a way that they are taking on the coarse elements of the oppressor. They may see it as being obedient and blending with the situation, though by taking on these heavy elements, it can scar them and leave them in turmoil.

Employees can also take on heavy elements thrown at them by overpowering employers and managers. In some cases, it can be a benefit, in a way to learn and transform this, though in long term cases it is detrimental, and becomes an attachment and also of being helpless and surrendering to such authority.

There are those in power or leaders, who intentionally conjure such types of relationships when they know of such vulnerable individuals. This is not a pleasant trait in that it harms the individual at the receiving end and not allowing them their freedom. Hence it is important to tackle such instances and occurrances.

We may see the sick and destitute as well who suffer the burden on their families and society, for no apparent reason just because they were at a position of weakness. This is one that is worrying as, if such person becomes incapable, they have no choice but to suffer for long periods.

It is very much important here to realize, for each one of us that is; to handle our lives in the best way possible and to our suiting. Within us is the inner capacity and knowing to follow our paths and true calling. It is not for us to give in to these people and elements that are out there to make use of us.

Always know that there are limits to burdens you should handle and take on, and not to take more than that. Important also is to delve into spiritual practices that help you understand aspects of karma and how to resolve it. In this we are not kept locked in to these traits that have prevailed for a long time and that may keep us dwindling and in a spiral for future on, even lifetimes.

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