Soul age: The Coexistence of Old Souls and Young Souls and their Intertwinements

The term soul age refers to the maturity of one’s soul, over its evolution and progression throughout time. Old souls are the more quintessential, reflective, easy going types whereas younger souls are very driven and want things done quick and fast.

In the world that we live in today both types of souls exist, with young souls being the majority. Young souls are in the frontline of things and are drivers of the world and economy. Old souls being the more laid back kind, tend to take things easy.

Old souls are more ripen and have lots of past lives’ experience. More than the young souls. Hence they take things easy. The young souls on the other hand are faring their way thru the ups and downs of life eager to get things done quick and immediately.

There’s not to say which soul group is better as each has its purpose. There are young children that possess old souls who turn out to be great artists or musicians with great compositions, being able to rendered their deep heart known tunes. Or even philosophers or storytellers and movie directors. These people have a deep knowing and even at a young age are able to comprehend things much thoroughly and with a greater sense of knowing.

They are eloquent, thinkers, ponderers and visionaries. They ought to be given their space, and that’s what they seek for to flourish. Old souls are great leaders, advisors, consolers, confidants and lovers. They have profound sense of understanding and comprehending emotions.

The Young Soul on the other hand is the doer and one who’s active at pace. They want thing there and then and are fixated to pop culture and the mainstream. These people are also the drivers of businesses and governments, with it being that the economic and governance system not being that ripen and all encompassing and free, as of yet.

Young souls don’t lack talent as they are good masters of their art and skills. Be it politicians, entrepreneurs, lawmakers or other trained professionals. They are well immersed in worldly things and are drivers of the economy.

That being said, both have their place in the world we live in today, as we need a mix of both; the drivers of the current era and the showers of the coming future. It is a unique amalgamation that we live in, and it’s what that permeates the beaUty of things and this existence.

Young souls and old souls can both live hand in hand, where ultimately through lifetimes of incarnations they both develop into more mature souls and transcend the lives of being in human form to the next step in evolution and spirituality. The material world needs its sustainers and also the infusers of beauty and tranquility.

As evolution takes its course we move on as souls and spiritual beings into the other higher realms that await us for further discovery, growth, learning and experience. Towards reaching our ultimate goals of liberation.

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