Soul wisdom vs. societal wisdom: The bigger stronghold in your life

We as humans learn and grow throughout our years. From the beginning of schooling to even the adult world in which we learn about methods, systems and ways that keep things running and intact. There’s a question also of whether there is a predating wisdom in each one of us that transcends that of what society shows us.

Societal wisdom is that of structures and mechanisms and things that keep the element of civilization running. Soul wisdom on the other hand is something that we know beyond just teachings. Something that’s already embedded in us. There’s a need for both in our day to day lives and to get a grasp of things. Societal wisdom can be gained from parents, teachers, elders or also media and external influences. Something that’s taught to us through upbringing and emulation. This is the general way of understanding things, as we learn each step in our growth in the world.

Our soul wisdom on the other hand is through the characteristics of our true self. That which transcends time and boundaries; the efferverscent essence of who we are and what we’ve gained through the vastness of being. The soul very much is not confined or limited to ways and methods that run society. The soul that’s a part of each one of us, that which is boundless, has access to wisdom throughout the cosmos and its entirety. We gain knowledge through lifetimes past and through our guides and teachers.

The question here is, which of this wisdom is more prominent and more used? To shine and radiate our true selves, and to have a true sense of being, soul wisdom is needed. To cultivate this takes effort and tuning in to what speaks within us. And to find that it may take periods of solemn and pondering, as well as introspection. It is by following your true feeling and resonance that this shines.

Societal wisdom on the other hand, when practiced, allows us to go by our general day to day tasks. Such as paying bills, obeying traffic laws, running businesses, working a our jobs, or running our household chores. Which keeps the basics and the necessary intact, for our survival. As we can see, both are important.

In the further scale of things, tuning to soul wisdom will allow for more clarity and to bring out one’s natural gifts, that can be imparted to the world. Societal wisdom allows us to keep things in check and make sure that our essentials are taken cared of. In the grander scale of existence , that transcends dimensions and physicality, the ultimate knowledge held within us and of divine intelligence, is what that hold prominent.

It is the knowledge of vastness and depth, that’s beyond comprehension, that holds true, for there lies the answers to all that we may be qurious about and understanding life and existence itself. Therefore, bask and cherish in all the knowledge and wisdom that’s accessible to you, and continue to learn, as well as grow.

Cosmic will is for you to flower your purpose and shine this so the world can see it. Limit yourself only to that which causes you stumbles and hindrances; and beyond that keep exploring till you get to where you ideally wish to be. Grow and realize your infinite potential.

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