Soulmates: The ultimate quest in life by finding our everlasting partner? Or is there more to it..

We as human beings always long for a bond or some sort of connection and association, in which there is a special someone that understands us truly. That after all the winding roads that we’ve gone through that we can find some one who would fulfil us and be with us through our journey thereon.

There is substance and truth to what’s called as a soul mate. Generally this is a person we’ve made a close connection and encounter with somewhere in in the distant past or even a soul connection in the higher realms. These type of connections are ones that have strong resonance and a sharing of familiarity.

Question here is that are we destined to find that soulmate of ours within our lifetime and how can we reach there? What we should understand first is that the people who already are in our life at the moment are very much soul connections, that are there to train us and help us grow. And this is a mutual process.These can be people who we have earlier on in life, like parents, siblings, teachers or friends. These may not be the entirely resonant or coherent ones, though the connections are constructed before birth in order to bring out the best outcome for one another. These are like coaches and challengers we may say. Souls who may have one another had different experiences and are brinrwe learn new things we never thought we would have encountered or those that we have somehow forgotten.

There can be instances also that those close souls we have known timelessly, could play these roles as parents, brothers and sisters in allowing for us to have close contact with them, even at an early start; that they also play reverse roles, such as strict parents or cold hearted siblings. These are similar to having a best friend of yours agreeing to also be your trainer while teaming up and accompanying you at the gym. It may surprise you that these are your soulmates after all that are already there with you, taking on these opposite type of roles, as they are the ones who know you best and took up this challenge and task to help train you.

What about those deeper types of connections of love and intimacy? The ones who we can share our heart’s desires and aspirations, as well as it’s sorrows and heartbreaks. The kind of romantic lifelong partners. Fret not and understand that such souls and lovers are there at your door once you seek them. Just as the parents and siblings were there to grow you to where you need to be, the true lover of yours is also by the horizon to take you to the next level in experiences and growth, just as you desire.

Within this life of ours we have choices, in reaching that ultimate roadmap of ours. The universe delivers what’s best for us, what’s needed, and what we aspire, just at the right time. Hence it’s important to set out clear intentions and objectives in what we desire to achieve on our road of life, so the universe can support us fully. There are chance encounters as well and things that are made to be. Most important is to prepare yourself, show up, be persistent and persevere. The ones who are to take you to the next level are just around the corner. And as they say, it takes two to tango, therefore, you need to make your move and preparation just as your other half that has already done so and got to that stage, level, or platform.

Going by what has been described, these soulmates or what we can also call as soul groups; we say it so, so as not to just confine them to lovers, rather also associates, partners, friends, mentors, coaches, gurus, and even teachers of higher knowledge. These associations have been designed, and it’s a matter of who you encounter first, in your journey. All are guideposts. And just as nothing is set in stone, so do you and these souls have the freedom to pave your ways in life and take you towards your ultimate destination, using your own choices of chartered routes. And the souls you meet, within these choices you’ve made are very much the exact ones we talk about, that are also journeying and who will align with you towards reaching further growth and fulfilment. Nothing is incidental, they’re all there for a reason.

Therefore, worry not if it’s the romantic partner you’re desiring that’s not yet filled the longing of your heart. The world is enumerated with assistive souls who you have long known and love, only waiting that you take the steps and see them again, in building yourself further. As for those who deeply, truly desire the meaningful life partner and soul mate who you can call as a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner, make the intention, take the steps and know where you’re headed, for when you’re sure of it, they can also prepare themselves, and you will find each other without hassles.

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