Spirituality: An Illness?

Spirituality quite often is seen as something that’s far off, that those who practice spirituality are seen as strange, with different attitudes and perspectives. More so practicing mantras, meditation, mindfulness and etc.

Spirituality should not be seen as weird as what we are and the base of existence itself is spiritual. It by this notion of it being strange that many are weary of it. And even those who get a glimpse of it see it mostly on the internet or some coarse materials that they don’t get the full scope of it.

Spirituality is sometimes also seen as an illness as it is not medically studied or understood. People having spiritual experiences or starting to become spiritually aware can be seen as ‘sick’. Though by far they are the seers and visionaries. The children of tomorrow, many amongst them would be spiritually sensitive.

I for one am a particular case. That my spirituality was seen as psychosis or schizophrenia. Spirituality need not be seen as a sickness and should rather be guided. There are cases of families that are too engrossed in their issues and family members that are self centered that don’t pay attention to the subtle elements shown by their fellow family member having a spiritual experience.

People who have an inclination toward spirituality, usually have it for a reason, having seen failure or setbacks, seeing spirituality as a solution. There is a notion to disregard or discount the ways of the mainstream that’s too material oriented. Though this can be an issue as there are aspects of survival that should be taken cared of irregardless if you’re spiritual or not.

There’s this aspect of seeing money and wealth as evil or as something that diverts your attention from core aspects and issues. Many of the spiritual folk have such issues. It is necessary to overcome this to be an able participant of society and to see wealth as a way to better one’s life and to have the freedom to practice spirituality.

There’s the aspects also of doctors in the medical field who so much so willingly medicate such people without their true consent and proper consultation. This will only worsen things as medication can make a person less capable of handling their day to day tasks. And as society reaches more to a brink and more people hit such crunch times, they only end up being elements to be medicated with and as patients for the medical industry.

There needs to be a  more whole understanding of spirituality and to differentiate crises of emotional and psychological issues with true spiritual emergencies. It is needed for the birth of such sensitive beings that are here to show more beauty and they are not to be punished. Society should set barometers to identify these and not allow families to medicate and hospitalize such individuals per se.

There needs to be thorough spiritual inculcation. In the sense that one who’s going through a spiritual realization process should be given avenues to follow a proper spiritual path guided by a master or guru. That way they are not left to go astray or to wonder themselves. Spiritual training takes years and being with the right spiritual community allows one to expand their awareness, discuss, mingle and to also gradually learn the teachings. Being with a spiritual community also allows one to learn how to interact and know how to strike conversations with common folk as well as spiritual people. Not to ring any alarms by discussing spiritual matters with common people.

All in all, there’s a place for everyone. Just as there’s a place for a farmer to do farming, a painter to paint, an artist to create music; there’s also a place for one on the spiritual path to discover spirituality. We never know that they may as well be common folk, for spirituality essentially is no separate from the general way of life. Being spiritual is about being more in tune with life and even livelier. Therefore let us give a chance to both spiritual seekers as well as anyone else to be themselves.

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