Stepping into your Personal Power and Walking Your Path

Personal power is something that takes effort to gain and to have a hold of. It takes lots of trials and tribulations beforehand. Many experience setbacks and hardships that test them that only eventually gets them to where they want to be. If you’re going through a tough time, take it on a good note for it is leading you to the best you can become.

Being in your own power is resonating with your own personality and who you ought to be. Within the plan and workbook of our lives, it is determined that we can reach our personal power and be our true selves. How we get there is up to us. Being in your own power is a virtuos feeling, that you have the freedom and ability to do what you love to do.

Stepping into your power also means being a role model. There are many that are oppressed and controlled that are looking for a leading example to emulate. They want to be allowed to also step into their realm of strength and being. It is very much a leadership role once you are in your power and for you to help others.

A power position need not necessarily be a corporate, governmental or political position. Personal power, all that it is is resonating with your soul’s identity and it’s capability. Be it if you are a mother, father, manager, community leader or an artist who exudes influence. Being in a power role can be through any sort of an angle.

To get to your element of power and your own space, learn on how to step up in situations and take leadership. It’s by cultivating this mentality of taking charge that we can develop that power element within us. Do not take things from granted and also do not be a scapegoat to others.

At the same time also, have a clear vision of who you want to be and what you want to have. Know your aspirations and what you want to achieve and strive towards that. Being in personal power is also about being able to accomplish what you are setting out on.

Understand too that power need not necessarily be bad. Power used in the right context can be of benefit and serve a true purpose. Power can be used to save those who are vulnerable, to lead in underserved areas and also to charter new destinies for humankind. Power need not only be of the masculine. Power can also be of the feminine. Of beauty, creativity, eloquence and artistry.

Given this life that you have, it is your responsibility to shape your way towards stepping into your power and walking your path. Take the hurdles that come your way as something to learn, and make every lesson monumental in realizing your true gifts. Aim to walk into your true personal power for the collective good and to serve humankind. The world needs capable, empathic and loving people as leaders in power be it on a small scale or on the grander stage.

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