Surpassing Superstition by using Intuition

Many a time we are superstitious about things. We like to be cautious about certain things and avoid some things. We worry about mishaps and disasters that can occur possibly. We structure our lives in such a way that we are precarious and cautious in everything that we do. Is there a logic to being too careful and not living life fully?

The kind of superstitions that we may have in our minds are such as, “Will I get that job that I applied for?”, “Will my illness heal or will I have to suffer for a long time?”, “Does my partner really love me?”, “Is that house I’m buying in a strategic location?”, “Are my friends against me?”. These are superstitions that may cause us to be constantly thinking, and not knowing if things are on our side.

Worrying about that which has not manifested or occurred is very much superficial. We are creating all these dramas and scenarios in our minds and making them seemingly so real that it may in fact cause us trouble sleeping. We worry about these things unnecessarily, and unknowingly they may become real as we may inadvertently act in a way that allows it to come to fruition.

There is evidence that says that the mind is an enormously powerful instrument. Through our minds we can imagine and construct our futures and lives. Thus, thinking negative thoughts further emphasizes them and, and may cause them to manifest unknowingly, more so by us being in a lowly mood that we take unconscious decisions that cause us to make the things we fear come to reality.

The way out of this trap of being fearful, doubtful and superstitious is trusting in intuition. Intuition is that silent voice inside of us that tells us what needs to be done and the actions that we should take. Many a times we disregard our intuition and take steps as we deem necessary and follow our unconscious habits.

Intuition speaks to us quietly, and it’s within the quite that we get to listen to it and to be in attunement. Our intuition may tell us things that are different from the norm, yet trust that intuition knows best as it’s what spirit and your guiding angels are telling you. We all have our guides that are there to show us our way through our lives.

Not trusting in spirit is when things have the propensity to go wrong. Spirit would lead us in a direction that’s needing us to face our fears and obstacles we never dared to take on. We may feel uncomfortable by this yet spirit in fact is training us to be brave and stronger than what we were before. By overcoming our obstacles, we reach new territory in fulfilling the master plan in our workbook of life, or lives, if we may say.

In all aspects, to get past superstition, it is necessary to trust in intuition. That way we are not affected by bad news or unnecessary worries. Know that this life and existence in the form that you’re in right now rests in the lap of greatness. That your life is fully and wholly supported by god and the supreme consciousness. It’s by trusting in that, that we never go wrong. We are children in fact, in the vastness of this cosmos, and at the same time we are very much looked after by the greater hands that steer the way of nature and being.

Trust in this vastness and start connecting to spirit. Develop your intuition by setting aside practices such as prayer, meditation and observation. It’s with the small steps that you take, that you’ll be guided further to be more aware and capable. It is my wish that you resort not to the fakeness of superstition but rest in the realness of spirit and intuition.

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