The advent of Space Age: Touching our Future selves

Many of us anticipate the coming of a space age. We live in modern times and as we have had rocket travel and been to places like the moon and establishing an International Space Station (ISS), we dream of more and of further things to come. One that’s close to being achieved is travelling to Mars.

On top of that, there are ventures to make space travel common and there are things like space tourism that’s now developing with companies built by renowned billionaires. Perhaps it won’t take too long before we see stark development and for these achievements to be realized.

What we would ideally like to achieve is travel to further areas in space and not just within out solar system. This is what’s called as interstellar travel. We see this in movies and we marvel at it. Technology has quite a way yet to develop to enable such travel. At least on earth’s terms. We still have a long way to being able to develop these capabilities and the sustenance to go far.

What’s nevertheless easier to achieve and realize, in spiritual terms is that we may already be Starseeds and ones who’ve already been on other planets and galaxies. This is by way of incarnation and the way in which we can choose our missions. Some of us indeed are souls from much distant futures that have decided to come and help humanity and earth at this time.

Many of us don’t realize this, though a key indicator is if you have inclination towards serving and raising consciousness, as well as seeing better times prevail on earth and for the establishment of peace and harmony, then you very well are one of them. If you resonate strongly with these feelings and inclinations, as well as knowing you are here to serve a purpose, you’re very likely one who’s here for a mission. You’re one who’s seen this and done this countless times on many planets in peril and you have that knowledge from the future planet that your soul assimilates with that knows the order and balance that should be achieved on earth.

The way to realize the coming of this new future is to touch on these future selves of yours. The challenges that you’re facing in life now are elements that are allowing you to polish yourselves, realize the hardships that you’ve overcome in other lifetimes as well as strengthening yourself with newer challenges that are all here to serve you in enabling you to realize that true self of yours. Your future self.

Having touched this future self, you will be able to bring healing, content and balance here on earth. With this connection to your future selves, you will also be able to bring about new ideas, creativity and development here on earth. Realize that the space age that we all desire is very much a knowing and realization of higher knowledge as well as possessing higher technology.

With us being in touch with this knowledge, wisdom and perspective, we would be living in the way of what a higher conscious society truly entails. We can develop as a civilization and bring about living conditions and environments conducive to supporting the space age capabilities. After all, it takes responsibility and keen rationality to be able to utilize such advance technology with benevolence.

It is in great hope that you work your way in realizing this nature of yours. Touching your future self and bringing about the renewed way of living here on earth. That’s what we’re all waiting for. Towards the coming of a conscious new space age.

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