The keys to finding liberty and fulfillment: How not to be a casualty of consequences

We as humans are born free and capable. With joy wonder and curiosity. Though it is inevitable that we experience conditioning through society, be it our parents, teachers or elders. These are essential still, for us to function in the climate of the world and adapt. That we’re here to infuse our selves and our being into the rudimentary ways of the physical world.

It’s this same conditioning that hinders us, limits us and creates fear and anxiety in us. Hence, there is a need to re-look at the way things are structured and to also know our purpose. We ought to find this purpose in the disorder of the world so we can have fulfillment and be who we truly are. This world is in a mess and in a quandary. It is important to know that every child, every being that comes to this earth has an element in which they can contribute to it’s improvisation.

The schools and teachers, and media, and news and society propagate a steep way of achieving ones purpose and even infuses elements of hardship, stress, worry, uncertainty and. What we need to understand is that we are not at all bound by structures of limitations that are the flavour of the day.

More so importantly to know is that, by getting too embroiled in these tedious matters and ways, we let go of our power of the true beings that we are in giving prominence to these non-essential ways. It is by these ways, created out of strife, scarcity and past evolution that has seen destruction, that it imparts negative tendencies and insecurities in us.

By allowing ourselves to be controlled by fear, anxiety, depression, worry, stress, fears and phobias, we only lead ourselves to our own demise. Or what we can say as the fading of the true inherent potential in us. And when that happens, it becomes a long road back to being in our natural state.

Therefore, liberation and fulfillment can only be achieved by us tapping into our gifts and allowing them to shine out here in the world. That whatever the conditioning of the present is only a transitioning, towards the call of the ultimate. We are all participants in this, and therefore don’t see yourself as small. Overcome adversities, have faith and strength, and once you do that, in any case, you no longer become a casualty of consequences, rather one who reinvents things.

It is by this liberation, that which is achieved in each individual, that we all contribute our gifts, that of timelessness and boundlessness that we’ve acquired in the course of eternity, that it is brought out to this world, in enhancing it and creating a better future.

Therefore, be brave, and shine your light. The world needs your beauty, your courage and your talent. And this not only serves the world, rather brings liberation and fulfillment for yourself, that allows it for all around you as well.

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