The Next Horizon: How Virtual Reality fares with ‘The Unbounded’ Reality

We see a growing trend now in the development and application of VR or Virtual Reality. It is seen as the next technological advancement with a wide array of uses. A device with which you can immerse yourself in an artificial environment and experience different scenarios.

Many find this exciting, as it takes things a notch higher than existing outlets of ‘immersion’ like movies, or games, or 3D theme park rides. It certainly brings a new level of excitement and experience by putting on a VR headset and seeing things that much more real and unique.

Virtual Reality has gone from its initial application of bringing a new take on gaming to now penetrating a vast spectrum of applications, from the medical field, in which medical students can perform virtual surgeries as practice, to architecture, where architects can design creations and visualize how they would look before building them, to simple things like allowing a potential holiday-goer to check out the scenery of their next destination before actually deciding to visit the place.

All this makes for good use. What I’d like to bring is a certain twist to what we may accept as the next horizon. We’ve looked at Virtual Reality yet have we given a thought of maybe understanding ‘Unbounded Reality’. What it means by this is VR has it’s limitations, it’s only what you can see or hear through the headset or feel thorough the paraphernalia. An immersion for sure.

By ‘Unbounded Reality’, it’s a whole new exploration. It’s in making true use of this mechanism called the human body. Would we not agree that it is this ‘gadget’ that has given birth to all the other gadgets that has ever been created on this planet? It’s not to be underestimated, this mother-of-all gadgets, if we may say.

The uniqueness of being human is that we have intelligence or more so we’re more consciously developed. This has been through evolution. We’re far ahead as compared to our animal companions. We are at the cusp of further expansion, through our consciousness.

Consciousness is a key word, as it has many layers of meaning. At the same time, we as humans have the gift of exploring this. Touching about ‘Unbounded Reality’, it’s more so exploring other levels of consciousness through our human mechanism. Are we here mainly to use our intellect and create things that can be used to certain limits, bettering or physical lives, or are we ready to touch our innate abilities and explore consciousness and the vastness it holds.

Essentially it takes us down towards a road within ourselves. In that quiet sphere, in that source of reflection and connection. Each of us may have it differently, but if you ponder about it, it’s always in those precious moments that we find inspiration and connection. Do it as you do, whether it may be prayer, meditation, a walk in nature or even enjoying a read of a good book. It does give you that connection.

The question for us here is that, are we going to exert our intelligence and create things that bring temporary excitement and usefulness or are we ready for the next frontier, of using our human potential to explore consciousness and all it’s hidden facets. Would having the convenience of having a meeting in a virtual room with avatars of your close buddies, business associates or acquaintances, and having virtual snacks or giving virtual gifts, give you satisfaction? Or would it be greater to consider exploring another type of ‘technology’ that’s in our true nature and expounding on it, finding a connection amongst each one of us through consciousness and exploring the unboundedness?

What truly is the next horizon? It’s something for all of us to think about.

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