The oddity of the asleep masses believing the awakened are crazy

The world we live in today exists with there being a majority who are still asleep. Asleep in a sense of not being aware of the truths and deeper knowing. This large majority stays hooked on the common themes in society and are afraid of exploring the fringes of things for the fear of shifting and changing their beliefs.

These are beliefs that are instilled since young by well meaning elders, parents, teachers and society. The masses that are asleep rather stay within the comfort of ignorance than to challenge themselves and rise towards their greatness through knowing. It is easy to avoid the deeper knowings and so, many choose to stay asleep.

These majority are the ones who are hooked on to everyday gossip and dramas as well as the mundane things that hold no significance. They rather follow what the mainstream programming tells them whether it’s the news, TV, radio or social media. The fact that it’s called television ‘programming’ is very much for a reason.

By living not in the knowing there’s no need to take responsibility of what’s going on. It’s easier to keep blaming one another for the disasters and mishaps that are going on. Whether blaming a person’s own spouse, neighbours, community leaders or the government. It’s easy to be in slumber and keep shifting the blame to others.

There’s so much going on that when brought to awareness, really brings to light of what’s odd, missing and wrong with society today. There are wars, famine, hunger, natural disasters, poverty, illnesses, homelessness, family issues, and also race issues, to name a few. By staying on the sidelines, these issues would be hard to be addressed and for the creation of a more wholesome environment.

If you are one of those that are already awakened, rest in the knowing that you are not alone. It may seem like being an oddball or an eccentric to be conscious of what’s happening. It may even be seen as way off, crazy, weird and also be considered as a mental illness. Take the unpleasant remarks you get as a compliment. Trust that what you know is right deep down within and it’s with this knowing that you can assist others and yourself.

We are anyway headed into an age of awakening. Whether we call it the golden age or this beginning of the age of aquarius. It’s with this awakening that truths can be given out. It is important to have a spiritual foundation to weather the storms of the coming period. It is in this period that the awakened can assist the rest to come into greater knowing.

As one who may have already gone through an awakening in the not so distant past, you may know of the tribulations that comes with it. Of being misunderstood, of troubles in your life becoming bigger to have your attention on them and also of there being lots of questions and seeking for knowledge and truth. The more that there are others who are stepping into these steep aspects, the more that they too would have questions.

It’s together that we assist one another in getting past this stage of transitioning. As more are enlightened and aware, we can together create a better environment to live in. Society has much to develop to be more mature, understanding and all encompassing. The masses that are asleep are yet to hear their calling and the awakened need to step up their game to challenge their ownselves further to seek development.

An awakened society is one that can work coherently and cooperatively, in resolving the issues that exist and also those that still lie ahead of us. It is with understanding and coming to reality of being awake and aware that we can live more fully. Of breaking the chasm of thinking of it as crazy and of accepting diversity and the beauty of being aware.

Don’t mind being called crazy anyway, as once a larger number awakens, what once seemed as absurd will be know as true. There was a time when the earth was deemed flat, till proper knowing was available to understand the earth is a sphere. In the same way, spiritual knowing will hold true and people will resonate with it when the time comes. Towards together living in harmony in an awakened state.

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